Announcing Multilingual Support

Olá! こんにちは! Scryfall now supports searching for cards in seventeen languages!

Stone-Tongue Basilisk (PPRE)

Demonlord Belzenlok (DOM)

Wait, seventeen? Yep: we have a lot of “unofficial” printed languages indexed too. Did you know that there is a Magic card printed in Hebrew?

We’ve started by importing all sets in Modern, and we’re slowly working our way back in time with older information.

You can use the new lang: keyword to find cards in a particular language:

Searching other card parts also works as you would expect:

Cards available in multiple languages also now have tools on the page to switch between them.

We’re really proud to bring language support to Scryfall and we hope you love it! If you have any questions or comments, you can always contact us.

By the way: Our supporters were given early access to these features and they helped provide feedback for what you see today. If you love Scryfall, please consider supporting us monthly. You’ll receive an invite to our Discord server and early access to future beta features:

Support Scryfall Monthly

Additional information for developers:

  • Card objects have been expanded to include a lang attribute, which will contain an ISO-like code to identify the current language for a card. If you do not wish to process cards in languages other than English, you will need to filter on this attribute.
  • Cards and card faces will now begin to include the text they were printed with in new printed_name, printed_type_line, and printed_text fields. The Oracle text fields remain unchanged.
  • The /cards endpoint now includes all cards in every language. If you need to retrieve only English cards, consider using /cards/search with lang:en specified instead.
  • The /cards/search API method now supports a flag to include all languages.
  • The /cards/:code/:number API method now supports requesting the card in a particular language.

Regular expression support has been vastly improved ⇢

Use is:phyrexian to find cards with Phyrexian mana ⇢

Use is:modal to find modal effects ⇢

Use is:brawler to find Brawl commanders ⇢

Brawl format is now available ⇢

Use is:historic to filter historic cards ⇢

The cn: keyword is now available to filter collector numbers ⇢

Feburary 2018 Feature Update

We’ve got a lot of new features for you today, let’s get right to it!

Search Preferences

If you have a Scryfall account, you can now specify your default search options and automatically filter out certain card types in your preferences.

Unique/“Rollup” Mode Updates

We’ve added the ability to control how “duplicate” results in your search are elminated (previously this was only available with the ++ search syntax). You can now control this option with the first dropdown on search results. The ++ syntax is still available.

We’ve also added the ability to search by unique artwork. The same card will be returned more than once if it has alternate artworks available.

Other Search Changes

Color Keywords

We’ve reverted the c:/color: and id:/identity: keywords to their previous behavior:

  • Using c:w is now equivalent to c>=w (previously it was strictly c=w).
  • Using id:rug is now equivalent to id<=rug (previously it was strictly id=rug).

The other versions of these keywords that use =, >=, etc will still be exactly that comparison.

A (Belated) Year In Review

It’s been a bit over a year since Scryfall launched, and we’re really proud of all of the improvements we’ve made. Here are a few highlights:

In addition, we have some amazing news: Scryfall is now solvent! Our Patrons and our members are covering all of our hosting costs per month. This is a huge milestone for us, it means we no longer have to spend money from our own pocket to keep Scryfall available and fast. Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

Extra support goes towards helping us tip community members that source images for us, and transitioning Scryfall from a passion project to something that can support a part- or full-time development team.

And now without father ado, here are the answers to year-end questions you submitted:

What do you get asked for help with the most?

The Planeswalker Deck cards are very polarizing. A lot of people ask us how you can filter them out. (It’s not:pwdeck by the way.)

What’s your favorite thing you’ve seen someone do with Scryfall?

The whole Scryfall team was surveyed and here are some things they chose:

  • Scryfall regular expression golf
  • April King made some great collages from our images
  • We often get messaged by students asking if they can incorporate Scryfall’s API into their computer science projects. We’re really, really happy that it’s inspiring novice programmers. 🙌

What are your favorite tokens?

What are your favorite “Out of Flavor For This Color” cards?

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the answer to questions about our most popular pages and what people search for is somewhat boring.


This amazing year was all because of you and your contributions! Here’s to many more! 🎉

You can always get in touch with the Scryfall team here on the site, Twitter, or Reddit.

Deckbuilder Sneak-Peek

Hi everyone! Corey here. First off: Thank you so much for becoming sponsors. It means the world to us that we have your support. You’re providing an invaluable safety net that helps ensure that Scryfall always stays accurate and on the move. Scryfall will be turning 1 year old at the end of this month, and there’s lots ahead. So thank you, again. 😊

To show you we were serious about wanting to create great deckbuilding and brewing tools, I have a small sneak peak of some of things we’ve been hacking on for a deck interface. (This information is of course a work in progress, subject to change, not a binding contract, etc etc)

People build decks (and cubes) in different ways. Some of us start off with a handful core cards or a core combo, and then cast a big net looking for what we can do to make that work. Others brew by upgrading a tried-and-true list that became outdated. We want to support both kinds of workflows.

When you’re starting anew, the same kind of blank screen doesn’t work for all kinds of decks, so we’re looking at ways to provide starter templates.

Our current saved-cards feature will be transitioning into this system. While searching, you should be able to add cards to your deck from other pages of the site. If you’re not currently building a deck, adding cards will create a new list-type deck that you can review and share later.

More experienced players will want to fuss with deck entry directly. For that, we’re working on a keyboard-friendly list editor. The editor uses the same name-matching system we’ve built for the Slack/Discord bots and site search. You can be super lazy, type word fragments, omit all punctuation, and make spelling errors and the editor will attempt to correct your lines.

That’s all for now. Let us know what you think! And again, thanks for becoming our patrons and supporting our work. 🔮

October bugfix update

We fixed a lot of bugs and small omissions thanks to everyone who reported issues on release day, including:

  • Searches for t:assembly-worker now work correctly
  • Fixed incorrect Vintage legality results
  • Fixed incorrect Clash Pack images
  • Repaired a few URL format inconsistencies in API results
  • Fixed lots of spelling errors

Scryfall opened to the public on this day ⇢