GET /cards

Supported formats: json

Returns a List object that contains all cards in Scryfall’s database. This method is paginated, returning 175 cards at a time. The cards are ordered roughly newest to oldest. Review the documentation for paginating the List type.

Every card type in every language is returned, including planar cards, schemes, Vanguard cards, tokens, emblems, and funny cards. Make sure you’ve reviewed documentation for the Card type.

Scryfall currently has 267,203 cards, and this endpoint has 1527 pages. This represents more than 400 MB of JSON data: beware your memory and storage limits if you are downloading the entire database.

Parameter Type Atn Details
page Integer Optional The page number to return, default 1.
format String Optional The data format to return. This method only supports json.
pretty Boolean Optional If true, the returned JSON will be prettified. Avoid using for production code.

Example Requests

Retrieve the third page of all cards.