Answers to questions commonly asked about Scryfall.

What’s the deal with Pauper legality?

Scryfall follows the Pauper legality as prescribed by Magic Online, which is the only officially sanctioned version of the Pauper format. There are many, many casual variants of the Pauper format and we cannot support all of them. Before reporting an issue with Pauper legality, please check to see if the card is legal or banned from Pauper format on Magic Online. See the Wizards page about MTGO Pauper legality for more information.

What’s the deal with Old School legality?

Scryfall follows the rules for Old School 93/94 legality as prescribed by Eternal Central:

Old School 93-94 decks may consist of cards from these sets printed in 1993-94: Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Collector’s Edition (CE), International Collector’s Edition (IE), Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Revised, Legends, The Dark, Fallen Empires

Additional Sets and Cards Allowed (ie. REPRINTS): Tournaments hosted by Eternal Central also allow all non-foil cards from the sets above, that were reprinted IN ANY LANGUAGE with the original frame and original art.


Finally, the following promotional cards from 1994 are also legal: Arena, Sewers of Estark, and Nalathni Dragon.

This is a unique format, as legality is determined on a per-printing, rather than a per-card basis. Before reporting an issue with Old School legality, ensure that it does not meet the above criteria.

Where do Scryfall prices come from? How does it decide what price to use?

Scryfall syncs prices from each of our affiliates every 24 hours. When searching, we show you the lowest price we know about for a card in that currency. For example, if one store reports that a card is $14.00 USD while two other stores report $15.99 USD, we will show the $14.00 price in search results.

You can see individual affiliate prices for each card on that card’s detail page.

In addition:

  • When syncing prices from TCGplayer, we use the TCGplayer market price (not TCGplayer low, mid, or high)
  • When syncing prices from Cardmarket, we use the average sell price or the trend price, whichever is lower

What’s the deal with the card images?

Magic has had a very long and involved history, as far as tabletop games go. Finding a high-quality scan of each Magic card is an ongoing task for the Scryfall team. Often, in order to have any image, we upload a low-quality or cropped version of the card first.

A card that is marked as “not legal” in a format is excluded because the format does not permit any sets that the card was printed in. For example, the card may be too old for Modern format while legal in Legacy.

A card that is “banned” from a format would have been legal, but Wizards has specifically forbidden it because it is too powerful or disruptive. See the Wizards banned and restricted page for more information.

What about printing proxies?

Scryfall has no plans for proxy or printing features.

Where are the Vanguard cards?

They’re on the site, but hidden from search results by default. Find them with t:vanguard.

Where are planes, schemes, and phenomena?

They’re on the site, but hidden from search results by default. Find them by searching for their set or card type. Try e:pc2 or t:scheme or t:phenomenon

Why is a promotional card missing or missing imagery?

Many Magic promotional cards have received very limited print runs, especially if the card was printed before 2001. Getting information about each promotional card and obtaining a good image of the card is an ongoing task for the Scryfall team. If the promo card was released recently, please give us time to add it to the correct set before reporting an issue.

Where are the rarer funny card and holiday cards?

They’re on the site, but because these cards are printed for fun and have a lot of strange text, they are excluded from search results by default. You must specifically search for them by adding is:funny to your terms, or searching for the set codes, such as: e:hho, e:h17, or e:htr

Where is 1996 World Champion, Splendid Genesis, and the other celebratory cards?

They’re on the site, but hidden from search results by default. You can see them all in the Celebration Cards set. Nostalgia!