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Hi everyone! We are humbled to announce that Scryfall has acquired The owner of reached out to us in July to ask if we were interested in taking over the site, and we’ve come to a friendly agreement to assume responsibility for their traffic and links.

Over the coming weeks, card, set, and search pages will start redirecting to Scryfall. Some developer-centric features will become deprecated and will be supported on Scryfall’s REST API instead.

Scryfall will also be using data from to improve our own database, especially non-English cards printed before Invasion block.

We know that has very loyal users and we want this transition to be smooth. We’re listening for your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We salute the owner of for their service to the Magic community. has been a true utility and it is an essential piece of Magic’s history. We hope to do right by its legacy.

—Corey Csuhta and the Scryfall team

What is is a Magic card search engine that launched in 2001. It provided a fast, powerful, and comprehensive alternative to Gatherer and has been a staple of the community for many years. was the direct inspiration for Scryfall and we’re really proud that they chose us as long-term caretakers.

What is Scryfall?

Scryfall is a mobile-friendly Magic search engine. We also focus on providing card imagery and data tools that other content creators can use to build more things about Magic.

Scryfall plans to handle 99% of links from, especially any links you’ve made to card or set pages. If you follow one of those links you will be redirected to the proper page on Scryfall or an equivalent site. Your bookmarks and old forum links should continue working forever.

How does Scryfall search compare with

Scryfall search syntax was built on top of’s syntax style. Redirected searches should be predictable and familiar.

Will you be adding proxy features?

We don’t have any plans to add proxy or playtest card tools. There are several other sites that already do a really fantastic job with proxies.

For developers: images and data

Scryfall will continue serving images from at* and*. Please note that this source of images should be considered deprecated, and it will be removed at some point in the future. No new images will be added at this path, and existing images will not receive updates.

There will not be any support for scraping HTML pages from after the transition.

Scryfall has an extensive REST API where you can fetch all of our high-resolution card images in multiple formats and all of our card data. We have endpoints for building bots, parsing mana costs, and even fetching random cards.

Specifically, if you rely on images from, our border_crop image format is a direct analog.

Support Scryfall

Scryfall is a 100% community-funded project. If you love Scryfall, please consider supporting us with a monthly membership. You’ll receive an invite to our Discord server and early access to beta features.

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