Scryfall + TCGplayer

We love Scryfall, and want nothing more than to build a service that you love too. We’ve spent quite a bit of time over the past few years trying to figure out how to make Scryfall a sustainable resource for everyone to enjoy.

Today, we’re excited to announce a partnership with TCGplayer to make that a reality. This will allow us to end our paid membership program, fund full-time employees, and devote even more time toward building your favorite features.

In TCGplayer we’ve found kindred spirits; they’re fans of Scryfall, proponents of the game, and are every bit as passionate about Magic and its community as we are. Scryfall is remaining independent, but we expect to do great things with them.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch!

What will change?

Through your generous support with our paid membership program and Patreon, we’ve been able to cover Scryfall’s operational costs like servers, hosting, and bandwidth. But it’s otherwise been a passion project for our team: something we did in our evenings and weekends for the love of the game and community.

With this partnership, Scryfall will be able fund full-time team members. In addition to keeping our database up-to-date, accurate, and open, we’ll be able to speed up our work on new features like the deckbuilder.

We will be reorganizing our price links on card pages to only include TCGplayer, Cardmarket, and Cardhoarder. And we are actively looking into ways to make price information more accessible, including foil and buylist prices.

What about paid memberships?

We are planning to end our paid membership program: registering for Scryfall, participating in beta programs, and using site features will be free and open to everyone.

As of today, we have stopped charging current paid users. Any memberships paid in the previous 15 days will also be fully refunded, and all current paid members will be notified by email of this change.

What if I still want to support Scryfall?

We will continue to operate our Patreon, and would be very grateful for any continued support. There is also a page where you can make a one-time donation to us. We aren’t currently offering rewards, however.

Is TCGplayer acquiring Scryfall?

No. Though we have plans for a long and fruitful partnership, Scryfall will continue to operate as an independent company.

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