Deckbuilder Sneak-Peek

Hi everyone! Corey here. First off: Thank you so much for becoming sponsors. It means the world to us that we have your support. You’re providing an invaluable safety net that helps ensure that Scryfall always stays accurate and on the move. Scryfall will be turning 1 year old at the end of this month, and there’s lots ahead. So thank you, again. 😊

To show you we were serious about wanting to create great deckbuilding and brewing tools, I have a small sneak peak of some of the things we’ve been hacking on for a deck interface. (This information is of course a work in progress, subject to change, not a binding contract, etc etc)

People build decks (and cubes) in different ways. Some of us start off with a handful of core cards or a core combo, and then cast a big net looking for what we can do to make that work. Others brew by upgrading a tried-and-true list that became outdated. We want to support both kinds of workflows.

When you’re starting anew, the same kind of blank screen doesn’t work for all kinds of decks, so we’re looking at ways to provide starter templates.

Our current saved-cards feature will be transitioning into this system. While searching, you should be able to add cards to your deck from other pages of the site. If you’re not currently building a deck, adding cards will create a new list-type deck that you can review and share later.

More experienced players will want to fuss with deck entry directly. For that, we’re working on a keyboard-friendly list editor. The editor uses the same name-matching system we’ve built for the Slack/Discord bots and site search. You can be super lazy, type word fragments, omit all punctuation, and make spelling errors and the editor will attempt to correct your lines.

That’s all for now. Let us know what you think! And again, thanks for becoming our patrons and supporting our work. 🔮