Announcing Multilingual Support

Olá! こんにちは! Scryfall now supports searching for cards in seventeen languages!

Stone-Tongue Basilisk (Odyssey Promos #276)

Demonlord Belzenlok (Dominaria #86)

Wait, seventeen? Yep: we have a lot of “unofficial” printed languages indexed too. Did you know that there is a Magic card printed in Hebrew?

We’ve started by importing all sets in Modern, and we’re slowly working our way back in time with older information.

You can use the new lang: keyword to find cards in a particular language:

Searching other card parts also works as you would expect:

Cards available in multiple languages also now have tools on the page to switch between them.

We’re really proud to bring language support to Scryfall and we hope you love it! If you have any questions or comments, you can always contact us.

By the way: Our supporters were given early access to these features and they helped provide feedback for what you see today. If you love Scryfall, please consider supporting us monthly. You’ll receive an invite to our Discord server and early access to future beta features:

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Additional information for developers:

  • Card objects have been expanded to include a lang attribute, which will contain an ISO-like code to identify the current language for a card. If you do not wish to process cards in languages other than English, you will need to filter on this attribute.
  • Cards and card faces will now begin to include the text they were printed with in new printed_name, printed_type_line, and printed_text fields. The Oracle text fields remain unchanged.
  • The /cards endpoint now includes all cards in every language. If you need to retrieve only English cards, consider using /cards/search with lang:en specified instead.
  • The /cards/search API method now supports a flag to include all languages.
  • The /cards/:code/:number API method now supports requesting the card in a particular language.