GET /cards/:code/:number(/:lang)

Supported formats: json, text, image

Returns a single card with the given set code and collector number. You may optionally also append a lang part to the URL to retrieve a non-English version of the card.

Parameter Type Atn Details
:code String The three to five-letter set code.
:number String The collector number.
:lang Lang Optional The 2-3 character language code.
format String Optional The data format to return: json, text, or image. Defaults to json.
face String Optional If using the image format and this parameter has the value back, the back face of the card will be returned. Will return a 422 if this card has no back face.
version String Optional The image version to return when using the image format: small, normal, large, png, art_crop, or border_crop. Defaults to large.
pretty Boolean Optional If true, the returned JSON will be prettified. Avoid using for production code.

Example Requests

Retrieve Costly Plunder from Ixalan.


Retrieve ウルザの後継、カーン (Karn, Scion of Urza) from Dominaria