GET /cards/named

Supported formats: json, text, image

Returns a Card based on a name search string. This method is designed for building chat bots, forum bots, and other services that need card details quickly.

If you provide the exact parameter, a card with that exact name is returned. Otherwise, a 404 Error is returned because no card matches.

If you provide the fuzzy parameter and a card name matches that string, then that card is returned. If not, a fuzzy search is executed for your card name. The server allows misspellings and partial words to be provided. For example: jac bele will match Jace Beleren.

When fuzzy searching, a card is returned if the server is confident that you unambiguously identified a unique name with your string. Otherwise, you will receive a 404 Error object describing the problem: either more than 1 one card matched your search, or zero cards matched.

You may also provide a set code in the set parameter, in which case the name search and the returned card print will be limited to the specified set.

For both exact and fuzzy, card names are case-insensitive and punctuation is optional (you can drop apostrophes and periods etc). For example: fIReBALL is the same as Fireball and smugglers copter is the same as Smuggler's Copter.

Parameter Type Atn Details
exact String The exact card name to search for, case insenstive.
fuzzy String A fuzzy card name to search for.
set String Optional A set code to limit the search to one set.
format String Optional The data format to return: json, text, or image. Defaults to json.
face String Optional If using the image format and this parameter has the value back, the back face of the card will be returned. Will return a 422 if this card has no back face.
version String Optional The image version to return when using the image format: small, normal, large, png, art_crop, or border_crop. Defaults to large.
pretty Boolean Optional If true, the returned JSON will be prettified. Avoid using for production code.

Example Request

Retrieve Austere Command using the string aust com