GET /cards/search

Supported formats: json and csv

Returns a List object containing Cards found using a fulltext search string. This string supports the same fulltext search system that the main site uses.

This method is paginated, returning 175 cards at a time. Review the documentation for paginating the List type and and the Error type type to understand all of the possible output from this method.

If only one card is found, this method will still return a List.

Parameter Type Atn Details
q String A fulltext search query. Make sure that your parameter is properly encoded. Maximum length: 1000 Unicode characters.
unique String Optional The strategy for omitting similar cards. See below.
order String Optional The method to sort returned cards. See below.
dir String Optional The direction to sort cards. See below.
include_extras Boolean Optional If true, extra cards (tokens, planes, etc) will be included. Equivalent to adding include:extras to the fulltext search. Defaults to false.
include_multilingual Boolean Optional If true, cards in every language supported by Scryfall will be included. Defaults to false.
include_variations Boolean Optional If true, rare care variants will be included, like the Hairy Runesword. Defaults to false.
page Integer Optional The page number to return, default 1.
format String Optional The data format to return: json or csv. Defaults to json.
pretty Boolean Optional If true, the returned JSON will be prettified. Avoid using for production code.

Unique (Rollup) Modes

The unique parameter specifies if Scryfall should remove “duplicate” results in your query. The options are:

Unique Default Description


Removes duplicate gameplay objects (cards that share a name and have the same functionality). For example, if your search matches more than one print of Pacifism, only one copy of Pacifism will be returned.


Returns only one copy of each unique artwork for matching cards. For example, if your search matches more than one print of Pacifism, one card with each different illustration for Pacifism will be returned, but any cards that duplicate artwork already in the results will be omitted.


Returns all prints for all cards matched (disables rollup). For example, if your search matches more than one print of Pacifism, all matching prints will be returned.

Sorting Cards

The order parameter determines how Scryfall should sort the returned cards.

Order Default Description


Sort cards by name, A → Z


Sort cards by their set and collector number: AAA/#1 → ZZZ/#999


Sort cards by their release date: Newest → Oldest


Sort cards by their rarity: Common → Mythic


Sort cards by their color and color identity: WUBRG → multicolor → colorless


Sort cards by their lowest known U.S. Dollar price: 0.01 → highest, null last


Sort cards by their lowest known TIX price: 0.01 → highest, null last


Sort cards by their lowest known Euro price: 0.01 → highest, null last


Sort cards by their mana value: 0 → highest


Sort cards by their power: null → highest


Sort cards by their toughness: null → highest


Sort cards by their EDHREC ranking: lowest → highest


Sort cards by their Penny Dreadful ranking: lowest → highest


Sort cards by their front-side artist name: A → Z


Sort cards how podcasts review sets, usually color & CMC, lowest → highest, with Booster Fun cards at the end

Then you can optionally specify a dir parameter to choose which direction the sorting should occur:

Dir Default Description


Scryfall will automatically choose the most inuitive direction to sort


Sort ascending (the direction of the arrows in the previous table)


Sort descending (flip the direction of the arrows in the previous table)

Missing Luxuries

Please note that this search endpoint is more strict than the user-facing search system on Scryfall. In particular:

  • On Scryfall’s website, if your search does not match any cards, the search system automatically retries with include:extras and again with lang:any. This API method does not automatically retry your search.
  • On Scryfall’s website, if your search is only for a set (example: e:set), the system automatically redirects you to the custom gallery page we have for that set (which uses unique:prints). This API method does not provide redirects.
  • On Scryfall’s website, certain searches trigger additional user interface elements that suggest expanding your search coverage (with o:changeling or unique:prints for example) or other searches may “swizzle” your results to show the cheapest prints when working with price search operators. This API method does not have this suggestion and swizzle behavior.
  • This API method will not provide help with spelling errors.

Example Requests

Find red creatures with 3 power, sorted by converted mana cost