Bulk Data Files

Scryfall provides daily exports of our card data in bulk files. Each of these files is represented as a bulk_data object via the API. URLs for files change their timestamp each day, and can be fetched programmatically.

Please note:

  • Card objects in bulk data include price information, but prices should be considered dangerously stale after 24 hours. Only use bulk price information to track trends or provide a general estimate of card value. Prices are not updated frequently enough to power a storefront or sales system. You consume price information at your own risk.
  • Updates to gameplay data (such as card names, Oracle text, mana costs, etc) are much less frequent. If you only need gameplay information, downloading card data once per week or right after set releases would most likely be sufficient.
  • Every card type in every product is included, including planar cards, schemes, Vanguard cards, tokens, emblems, and funny cards. Make sure you’ve reviewed documentation for the Card type.

Bulk data is only collected once every 12 hours. You can use the card API methods to retrieve fresh objects instead.


File Link Uncompressed Size Last Updated
Oracle Cards Download 133 MB 2023-12-06 10:01 UTC
A JSON file containing one Scryfall card object for each Oracle ID on Scryfall. The chosen sets for the cards are an attempt to return the most up-to-date recognizable version of the card.
Unique Artwork Download 180 MB 2023-12-06 10:02 UTC
A JSON file of Scryfall card objects that together contain all unique artworks. The chosen cards promote the best image scans.
Default Cards Download 395 MB 2023-12-06 10:04 UTC
A JSON file containing every card object on Scryfall in English or the printed language if the card is only available in one language.
All Cards Download 1.89 GB 2023-12-06 10:16 UTC
A JSON file containing every card object on Scryfall in every language.
Rulings Download 18.2 MB 2023-12-06 10:00 UTC
A JSON file containing all Rulings on Scryfall. Each ruling refers to cards via an `oracle_id`.


Bulk data objects have the following properties:

Property Type Atn Details
id UUID A unique ID for this bulk item.
uri URI The Scryfall API URI for this file.
type String A computer-readable string for the kind of bulk item.
name String A human-readable name for this file.
description String A human-readable description for this file.
download_uri URI The URI that hosts this bulk file for fetching.
updated_at Timestamp The time when this file was last updated.
size Integer The size of this file in integer bytes.
content_type MIME Type The MIME type of this file.
content_encoding Encoding The Content-Encoding encoding that will be used to transmit this file when you download it.

Example Request

Retrieve all bulk data items:

GET https://api.scryfall.com/bulk-data