GET /symbology/parse-mana

Supported formats: json

Parses the given mana cost parameter and returns Scryfall’s interpretation.

The server understands most community shorthand for mana costs (such as 2WW for {2}{W}{W}). Symbols can also be out of order, lowercase, or have multiple colorless costs (such as 2{g}2 for {4}{G}).

If part of the string could not be understood, the server will return an Error object describing the problem.

Parameter Type Atn Details
cost String The mana string to parse.
format String Optional The data format to return. This method only supports json.
pretty Boolean Optional If true, the returned JSON will be prettified. Avoid using for production code.

Returned Properties

The returned object will have the following properties:

Property Type Atn Details
cost String The normalized cost, with correctly-ordered and wrapped mana symbols.
cmc Decimal The mana value. If you submit Un-set mana symbols, this decimal could include fractional parts.
colors Colors The colors of the given cost.
colorless Boolean True if the cost is colorless.
monocolored Boolean True if the cost is monocolored.
multicolored Boolean True if the cost is multicolored.

Example Request

Parse the mana string “RUx”