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Scryfall tries our best to input spoilers or other previewed cards into our database within 24 hours of the news breaking.

Preview Credits

Scryfall attempts to credit the source of a preview and link back to your post, article, or media item when we can. The resources of the Scryfall team are limited, and we will not conduct in-depth research about your preview before listing it. Please make it easy for us to find your name and get a permalink to your preview card.

If we have credited you incorrectly on Scryfall, please use the “Report Card Issue” button on the bottom of the card’s page and let us know what we should update.

Please note that the Scryfall team will not add tracking parameters to preview links. We will also not link to live video streams, the video must be a VoD or other permanent link.

Leaked Cards

Scryfall does not list stolen or maliciously leaked products.

Accidental reveals made by Wizards of the Coast are not leaks, and Scryfall will list them. (For example, promo videos going live early, or marketing materials circulating too soon, etc)

Promotional cards sent to local game stores but not otherwise previewed are not leaks, and Scryfall will list them.

Sometimes Scryfall has to make a judgement call on whether or not a card was truly leaked or if it was previewed with guerrilla marketing. If you believe we’ve made a mistake, you can use the “Report Card Issue” button at the bottom of the card’s page.

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