← Scryfall FAQs / General Why do you use joke names for non-English preview cards?

We used to attempt to translate every part of non-English preview cards, but we stopped for several reasons:

  • A lot of people use our data downstream for their own website or apps. When we guessed and translated a card name, sometimes that would get mistaken for the official card name for quite a while. We don’t want that to happen. The joke names are much more obvious.
  • Because localization teams sometimes translate card names bluntly (and also English is nuanced and full of synonyms) putting the text of a localized card into Google Translate or another service will give you a good idea, but not the real name. (Is it “Winding Path” or Circuitous Route?)
  • It’s time-consuming to keep revising our approximate translation.
  • When you’ve hand-entered the 50th blurry JPEG spoiler this week into a database, the jokes help keep it interesting.

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