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Supporting a new format is a nontrivial commitment from the Scryfall team, and we carefully evaluate formats before deciding if we should spend recurring development and maintenance time on it.

Below is a list of criteria that Scryfall likes to see in a healthy community format. This is not a set of hard requirements; rather, the more things that a community format has on this list, the better:

  • The format has existed for more than 12 months
  • The format has a central rules authority. A group of players or a company maintains the format by keeping deck construction rules up to date and unambiguous. The group makes regular, official decisions on bans, and publishes information about other cards they are evaluating.
  • The format’s playerbase isn’t limited to a small geographic area, such as a one city, one country, or only places where a particular LGS has locations
  • Multiple groups provide regular tournament support for the format, including prizes
  • Multiple groups provide technical support for the format, such as software, deck validation tools, or computer-consumable data about the format
  • The format and decks are discussed regularly on a subreddit or other major forum. The posts are high quality discussions and not simply automated reports or decklist spam.
  • The format is streamed regularly on Twitch, YouTube, etc
  • The format is designed to be attractive to new Magic players or support often-overlooked groups (such as remote players, kids’ clubs, or budget players)

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