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Scryfall currently indexes official Magic cards that someone could obtain, collect, or feasibly build with for competitive or casual formats.

Specifically we do index these things:

Some examples of things we don’t index or can’t index:

  • MTGA card styles/card skins
  • Custom cards or alters
  • One-off misprints, one-off miscuts, or crimped cards (but we do index misprints if they are widely available, for example: if X% of all cards in a set are misprinted in the same way)
  • Magic advertisement or rules-reminder cards
  • Unobtainable digital items (for example, MTGO and Arena include many cards in their game data files that cannot currently be played or collected, and they also include things like disabled sets and editions of the Power 9 used for only special events. We don’t index these unobtainable items)
  • Virtual tokens (many older cards on Magic Online produce token types that have never been printed on a physical card. We don’t index these ephemeral game objects.)
  • DISCARD cards and other printing machine artifacts
  • Promotional or joke stickers (something you must peel off and adhere to the front of another card, even if it otherwise resembles a Magic card)
  • Magic booster packaging, boxes, posters, pin-ups, and other store display collateral
  • MTG Plane Shift materials
  • Board game pieces, game tiles, dice, pawns, figurines, and other game tabletop markers
  • Statues and trophies

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