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In June 2020, Wizards of the Coast made a decision to ban certain older Magic cards from all formats. The card images were also removed from Gatherer, and the Multiverse ID for one of the cards was changed.

These cards, when viewed as a whole card together (name, art, and effect) did not fit Magic as we know it today, a more modern and inclusively designed game. The card design may perpetuate racism, contain harmful stereotypes, or depict a sensitive real‑world event.

Scryfall still has images available for these cards, because we believe archiving the photography of all cards is important. However, these cards are presented with content warnings when browsing Scryfall. Scryfall also does not refer affiliate sales for these cards, and we do not collect any revenue for their inclusion in the database.

If you are a developer, these cards have "content_warning": true in their JSON data.

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