Garruk, Predatore Supremo {5}{B}{G}

Planeswalker — Garruk

+1: Distruggi un altro planeswalker bersaglio.

+1: Metti sul campo di battaglia una pedina creatura Bestia 3/3 nera con tocco letale.

-3: Distruggi una creatura bersaglio. Guadagni punti vita pari alla sua costituzione.

-8: Un avversario bersaglio ottiene un emblema con “Ogniqualvolta una creatura ti attacca, prende +5/+5 e ha travolgere fino alla fine del turno”.

Loyalty: 5

Illustrated by Tyler Jacobson

Duel Cmdr.
Notes and Rules Information for Garruk, Predatore Supremo:
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  • The first ability can target and destroy a Garruk planeswalker controlled by another player. (2014-07-18)
  • If you activate the third ability, and the target creature is an illegal target when the ability tries to resolve, it won’t resolve and none of its effects will happen. You won’t gain any life. (2014-07-18)
  • The emblem’s ability won’t trigger if a creature attacks a planeswalker. (2014-07-18)
  • The emblem is owned and controlled by the target of the ability that created it. In a multiplayer game, if Garruk’s owner leaves the game, the emblem does not. (2014-07-18)