Set Objects

A Set object represents a group of related Magic cards. All Card objects on Scryfall belong to exactly one set.

Due to Magic’s long and complicated history, Scryfall includes many un-official sets as a way to group promotional or outlier cards together. Such sets will likely have a code that begins with p or t, such as pcel or tori.

Official sets always have a three-letter set code, such as zen.

Property Type Atn Details
object String A content type for this object, always set.
id UUID A unique ID for this set on Scryfall that will not change.
code String The unique three to five-letter code for this set.
mtgo_code String Nullable The unique code for this set on MTGO, which may differ from the regular code.
arena_code String Nullable The unique code for this set on Arena, which may differ from the regular code.
tcgplayer_id Integer Nullable This set’s ID on TCGplayer’s API, also known as the groupId.
name String The English name of the set.
set_type String A computer-readable classification for this set. See below.
released_at Date Nullable The date the set was released or the first card was printed in the set (in GMT-8 Pacific time).
block_code String Nullable The block code for this set, if any.
block String Nullable The block or group name code for this set, if any.
parent_set_code String Nullable The set code for the parent set, if any. promo and token sets often have a parent set.
card_count Integer The number of cards in this set.
printed_size Integer Nullable The denominator for the set’s printed collector numbers.
digital Boolean True if this set was only released in a video game.
foil_only Boolean True if this set contains only foil cards.
nonfoil_only Boolean True if this set contains only nonfoil cards.
scryfall_uri URI A link to this set’s permapage on Scryfall’s website.
uri URI A link to this set object on Scryfall’s API.
icon_svg_uri URI A URI to an SVG file for this set’s icon on Scryfall’s CDN. Hotlinking this image isn’t recommended, because it may change slightly over time. You should download it and use it locally for your particular user interface needs.
search_uri URI A Scryfall API URI that you can request to begin paginating over the cards in this set.

Set Types

Scryfall provides an overall categorization for each Set in the set_type property. An exhaustive list of set_types is listed below:

Type Description


A yearly Magic core set (Tenth Edition, etc)


A rotational expansion set in a block (Zendikar, etc)


A reprint set that contains no new cards (Modern Masters, etc)


An Arena set designed for Alchemy


Masterpiece Series premium foil cards


A Commander-oriented gift set


From the Vault gift sets


Spellbook series gift sets


Premium Deck Series decks


Duel Decks


Special draft sets, like Conspiracy and Battlebond


Magic Online treasure chest prize sets


Commander preconstructed decks


Planechase sets


Archenemy sets


Vanguard card sets


A funny un-set or set with funny promos (Unglued, Happy Holidays, etc)


A starter/introductory set (Portal, etc)


A gift box set


A set that contains purely promotional cards


A set made up of tokens and emblems.


A set made up of gold-bordered, oversize, or trophy cards that are not legal


A set that contains minigame card inserts from booster packs

Example Request

Retrieve the Aether Revolt set.