Card Symbol Objects

A Card Symbol object represents an illustrated symbol that may appear in card’s mana cost or Oracle text. Symbols are based on the notation used in the Comprehensive Rules.

For more information about how the Scryfall API represents mana and costs, see the colors and costs overview.

Property Type Atn Details
symbol String The plaintext symbol. Often surrounded with curly braces {}. Note that not all symbols are ASCII text (for example, {∞}).
loose_variant String Nullable An alternate version of this symbol, if it is possible to write it without curly braces.
english String An English snippet that describes this symbol. Appropriate for use in alt text or other accessible communication formats.
transposable Boolean True if it is possible to write this symbol “backwards”. For example, the official symbol {U/P} is sometimes written as {P/U} or {P\U} in informal settings. Note that the Scryfall API never writes symbols backwards in other responses. This field is provided for informational purposes.
represents_mana Boolean True if this is a mana symbol.
cmc Decimal Nullable A decimal number representing this symbol’s converted mana cost. Note that mana symbols from funny sets can have fractional converted mana costs.
appears_in_mana_costs Boolean True if this symbol appears in a mana cost on any Magic card. For example {20} has this field set to false because {20} only appears in Oracle text, not mana costs.
funny Boolean True if this symbol is only used on funny cards or Un-cards.
colors Colors An array of colors that this symbol represents.
gatherer_alternates String Nullable An array of plaintext versions of this symbol that Gatherer uses on old cards to describe original printed text. For example: {W} has ["oW", "ooW"] as alternates.
svg_uri URI Nullable A URI to an SVG image of this symbol on Scryfall’s CDNs.

Example Request

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