Rulings Objects

Rulings represent Oracle rulings, Wizards of the Coast set release notes, or Scryfall notes for a particular card.

If two cards have the same name, they will have the same set of rulings objects. If a card has rulings, it usually has more than one.

Rulings with a scryfall source have been added by the Scryfall team, either to provide additional context for the card, or explain how the card works in an unofficial format (such as Duel Commander).

Ruling objects have the following properties:

Property Type Atn Details
object String A content type for this object, always ruling.
oracle_id UUID The Oracle ID of the card this ruling is associated with.
source String A computer-readable string indicating which company produced this ruling, either wotc or scryfall.
published_at Date The date when the ruling or note was published.
comment String The text of the ruling.

Example Requests

Fetch rulings for Derevi, Empyrial Tactician