List Objects

A List object represents a requested sequence of other objects (Cards, Sets, etc). List objects may be paginated, and also include information about issues raised when generating the list.

Property Type Atn Details
object String A content type for this object, always list.
data Array An array of the requested objects, in a specific order.
has_more Boolean True if this List is paginated and there is a page beyond the current page.
next_page URI Nullable If there is a page beyond the current page, this field will contain a full API URI to that page. You may submit a HTTP GET request to that URI to continue paginating forward on this List.
total_cards Integer Nullable If this is a list of Card objects, this field will contain the total number of cards found across all pages.
warnings Array Nullable An array of human-readable warnings issued when generating this list, as strings. Warnings are non-fatal issues that the API discovered with your input. In general, they indicate that the List will not contain the all of the information you requested. You should fix the warnings and re-submit your request.

Example Request

Find white cards with mana value 1