Iname unificado {8}{B}{B}{G}{G}

Criatura legendaria - Espíritu

Cuando Iname unificado entre en juego, si lo jugaste de tu mano, puedes buscar en tu biblioteca una carta de Espíritu, ponerla en juego, luego barajar tu biblioteca.

Cuando Iname unificado vaya a un cementerio desde el juego, puedes removerlo del juego. Si lo haces, regresa la carta de Espíritu objetivo de tu cementerio al juego.


Illustrated by Stephen Tappin

Notes and Rules Information for Iname unificado:
  • Only the English version of a Magic card receives Oracle updates and errata. View this card in English. (Scryfall note)
  • Effects that put Iname onto the battlefield don’t cause its enters-the-battlefield ability to trigger. (2005-06-01)
  • Iname can target itself with the graveyard-triggered ability, but it will be exiled and the ability won’t be able to return Iname. (2005-06-01)
  • You aren’t required to exile Iname. If you don’t, the target Spirit card isn’t returned to the battlefield. (2005-06-01)
  • In a Commander game, you may send Iname to the Command Zone instead of exiling it during the resolution of its ability. If you do, its ability still works. Iname’s ability only requires that you attempted to exile it, not that it actually gets to the exile zone. This is similar to how destroying a creature (with, for example, Rest in Peace) doesn’t necessarily ensure that creature will end up in the graveyard; it just so happens that the action of exiling something and the exile zone both use the same word: “exile”. (2013-04-15)
  • In a Commander game where this card is your commander, casting it from the Command zone does not count as casting it from your hand. (2013-07-01)
  • If a creature (such as Clone) enters the battlefield as a copy of this creature, the copy’s “enters-the-battlefield” ability will still trigger as long as you cast that creature spell from your hand. (2013-09-20)