Rivelazione Esplosiva {3}{R}{R}


Scegli una creatura o un giocatore bersaglio. Rivela carte dalla cima del tuo grimorio fino a che non riveli una carta non terra. La Rivelazione Esplosiva infligge a quella creatura o a quel giocatore danno pari al costo di mana convertito di quella carta. Aggiungi la carta non terra alla tua mano e metti tutte le altre carte in fondo al tuo grimorio in qualsiasi ordine.

Illustrated by Justin Sweet

Notes and Rules Information for Rivelazione Esplosiva:
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  • If the targeted permanent or player is an illegal target by the time Explosive Revelation resolves, the spell doesn’t resolve. You won’t reveal any cards from your library. (2010-06-15)
  • Once you start revealing cards from your library, it’s too late for players to respond. If you target a creature, for example, its controller can’t wait to see how much damage will be dealt to it before casting a damage prevention spell, activating a regeneration ability, sacrificing it for some benefit, or anything else. Any such actions must be done before Explosive Revelation starts to resolve. (2010-06-15)
  • If all the cards in your library are land cards, you’ll reveal all of them, then arrange them in your library in whatever order you like. No damage is dealt. (2010-06-15)