Serment de Gideon {2}{W}

Enchantement légendaire

Quand le Serment de Gideon arrive sur le champ de bataille, mettez sur le champ de bataille deux jetons de créature 1/1 blanche Kor et Allié.

Chaque planeswalker que vous contrôlez arrive sur le champ de bataille avec un marqueur « loyauté » supplémentaire sur lui.

« Pour la justice et la paix, je me ferai sentinelle. »

Illustrated by Wesley Burt

Notes and Rules Information for Serment de Gideon:
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  • Each of the Oaths is legendary: if you control more than one of any particular Oath, you choose one to remain on the battlefield and the others are put into your graveyard. (2016-01-22)
  • The “legend rule” checks the full names of legendary permanents. You can control Oath of Gideon and Oath of Chandra at the same time, for example. (2016-01-22)
  • Even if you control a particular Oath, you can cast another of that Oath to take advantage of its enters-the-battlefield ability. It will enter the battlefield, causing its first ability to trigger. You will then choose one to keep, as detailed above, and then its enters-the-battlefield ability will resolve. (2016-01-22)