Schnatterzahn, Eichhörnchen-General {2}{G}

Legendäre Kreatur — Eichhörnchen, Krieger

Waldtarnung (Diese Kreatur kann nicht geblockt werden, solange der verteidigende Spieler einen Wald kontrolliert.)

Falls ein oder mehrere Spielsteine unter deiner Kontrolle erzeugt würden, werden stattdessen diese Spielsteine plus entsprechend viele 1/1 grüne Eichhörnchen-Kreaturenspielsteine erzeugt.

{B}, opfere X Eichhörnchen: Eine Kreatur deiner Wahl erhält +X/-X bis zum Ende des Zuges.


Illustrated by Jason A. Engle

Notes and Rules Information for Schnatterzahn, Eichhörnchen-General:
  • Only the English version of a Magic card receives Oracle updates and errata. View this card in English. (Scryfall note)
  • Chatterfang’s second ability applies to all kinds of tokens, including Clue, Food, and Treasure tokens. (2021-06-18)
  • The additional Squirrel tokens won’t have any abilities the other tokens were created with. Anything else specified in the effect creating the token (such as tapped, attacking, “That token gains haste,” or “Exile that token at end of combat”) applies to both the original tokens and the Squirrels. (2021-06-18)
  • You don’t need to control the spell or ability that creates the tokens, but you do have to be the one creating the tokens for Chatterfang’s ability to apply. (2021-06-18)
  • If an effect changes under whose control a token would be created, that effect applies before Chatterfang’s effect applies. If an effect changes under whose control a token would enter the battlefield, that effect applies after Chatterfang’s effect is able to be applied. (2021-06-18)
  • In a Commander game, the defending player is the player Chatterfang is attacking or the controller of the planeswalker Chatterfang is attacking. (2021-06-18)