Scettro del Giullare {3}


Quando lo Scettro del Giullare entra in gioco, rimuovi dal gioco a faccia in giù le prime cinque carte del grimorio di un giocatore bersaglio. Puoi guardare quelle carte fintanto che rimangono rimosse dal gioco.

{2}, {T}, Metti nel cimitero del suo proprietario una carta rimossa dal gioco con lo Scettro del Giullare: Neutralizza una magia bersaglio se ha lo stesso nome di quella carta.

Illustrated by Matt Cavotta

Notes and Rules Information for Scettro del Giullare:
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  • You can see the cards that are exiled with Jester’s Scepter, but no one else can. (2006-07-15)
  • Because the cards that are exiled are not hidden to you, you can choose which one to put into its owner’s graveyard when you activate the second ability. (2006-07-15)
  • When Jester’s Scepter’s second ability is activated, any of the exiled cards may be put into its owner’s graveyard, and any spell may be targeted, whether or not the card and the spell have the same name. If they don’t have the same name, the effect does nothing. The spell’s controller and the owner of the card put into a graveyard this way may be different. (2006-07-15)
  • If half of a split card is cast (for example, Hit), and you put one of those split cards into its owner’s graveyard with Jester’s Scepter (for example, Hit/Run), the spell is countered. (2006-07-15)