Vontade de Akroma {3}{W}

Mágica Instantânea

Escolha um. Se você controla um comandante conforme conjura esta mágica, você pode escolher ambos.

• As criaturas que você controla ganham voar, vigilância e golpe duplo até o final do turno.

• As criaturas que você controla ganham vínculo com a vida, indestrutível e proteção contra todas as cores até o final do turno.

Illustrated by Antonio José Manzanedo

Notes and Rules Information for Vontade de Akroma:
  • Only the English version of a Magic card receives Oracle updates and errata. View this card in English. (Scryfall note)
  • Even though the card is named after a specific character, controlling any commander will satisfy its condition. (2020-11-10)
  • There’s no extra bonus if you control more than one commander. (2020-11-10)
  • The commander you control doesn’t have to be your commander. (2020-11-10)
  • Once you’ve announced that you’re casting a spell, players can’t take any actions until you’ve finished doing so. Notably, opponents can’t try to remove your commander to change how many modes you may choose. (2020-11-10)
  • Once you’ve chosen both modes for the spell, it doesn’t matter whether you continue to control a commander. This is true even if you somehow no longer control a commander as you finish casting the spell. (2020-11-10)