New API documentation and September 2017 update

Our API documentation pages have been redesigned and split into multiple pages for easy linking and reading. We hope you like it. ❤️

Of particular interest, we now have image guidelines and a full list of colors and symbol formatting we support.

Object Updates

  • Set objects now include their uri linking to themselves and a scryfall_uri linking to that set on Scryfall’s website.
  • Card objects now have a color_indicator field describing the contents of their color indicators.
  • Cards that transform now have a correctly-scoped colors fields in their particular card_face objects.
  • Cards that transform now have a correctly-scoped color_indicator field in their particular card_face objects if that face of the card has a color indicator.
  • It’s now possible for double-faced cards to have multiple Multiverse IDs. These are made available in the new multiverse_ids property.
  • Card objects now include information about their future (Future Standard) legality.
  • Card objects now include a prints_search_uri which links where you can begin paginating all re/prints for this card on Scryfall’s API

Method Updates

  • New catalog: /catalog/artifact-types
  • New catalog: /catalog/spell-types
  • The /cards/autocomplete now returns up to 20 items (down from 25) but it is more accurate. It’s more likely to return a full list of 20 items and it favors results that start with your term (also known as “anchoring front”)
  • The /cards and /cards/search endpoint now returns 175 items per page (up from 150), to match the checklist pages on the main website.
  • /catalog/word-bank now includes words of length 2, so it covers some of our favorite words like Ob

Deprecated Features

  • The multiverse_id field on cards is now deprecated. It will be removed on December 1, 2017. Use the new multiverse_ids field instead.

Removed Features

  • The deprecated (and long-hidden) methods /catalogs/banned-formats, /catalogs/restricted-formats, and /catalogs/legal-formats have been removed. A list of all supported formats are available on every card object.
  • The foil property on Card objects has been disabled. The value of this property was misleading and inaccurate for many cards. It will return when we can better support foil card data.