Eldritch Moon Checklist (Eldritch Moon Tokens #CH1)

Eldritch Moon Checklist


(You can mark this card to represent a meld or double-faced card in your library or hand.)

☐ Bruna, the Fading Light {5}{W}{W}

☐ Extricator of Sin {2}{W}

☐ Gisela, the Broken Blade {2}{W}{W}

☐ Lone Rider {1}{W}

☐ Curious Homunculus {1}{U}

☐ Docent of Perfection {3}{U}{U}

☐ Grizzled Angler {2}{U}

☐ Graf Rats {1}{B}

☐ Midnight Scavengers {4}{B}

☐ Voldaren Pariah {3}{B}{B}

☐ Conduit of Storms {2}{R}

☐ Hanweir Garrison {2}{R}

☐ Smoldering Werewolf {2}{R}{R}

☐ Vildin-Pack Outcast {4}{R}

☐ Kessig Prowler {G}

☐ Shrill Howler {2}{G}

☐ Tangleclaw Werewolf {2}{G}{G}

☐ Ulvenwald Captive {1}{G}

☐ Ulrich of the Krallenhorde {3}{R}{G}

☐ Cryptolith Fragment {3}

☐ Hanweir Battlements

Not Legal This card is memorabilia and not legal for play.