Dark Ascension Checklist (Dark Ascension Tokens #4)

Dark Ascension Checklist


(You can mark this card to represent a double-faced card in your library or hand.)

☐ Loyal Cathar {W}{W}

☐ Soul Seizer {3}{U}{U}

☐ Chosen of Markov {2}{B}

☐ Ravenous Demon {3}{B}{B}

☐ Afflicted Deserter {3}{R}

☐ Hinterland Hermit {1}{R}

☐ Mondronen Shaman {3}{R}

☐ Lambholt Elder {2}{G}

☐ Scorned Villager {1}{G}

☐ Wolfbitten Captive {G}

☐ Huntmaster of the Fells {2}{R}{G}

☐ Chalice of Life {3}

☐ Elbrus, the Binding Blade {7}

Not Legal This card is memorabilia and not legal for play.