Armschienen des Illusionisten {2}

Artefakt — Ausrüstung

Immer wenn eine Fähigkeit der ausgerüsteten Kreatur aktiviert wird, kopiere diese Fähigkeit, falls es keine Manafähigkeit ist. Du kannst neue Ziele für die Kopie bestimmen.

Ausrüsten {3}

Es ist leicht, sich für einen Gott zu halten, wenn man doppelt so mächtig ist wie alle anderen.

Illustrated by Svetlin Velinov

Notes and Rules Information for Armschienen des Illusionisten:
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  • An activated ability is written in the form “Cost: Effect.” (2013-01-24)
  • The copy will have the same targets as the ability it’s copying unless you choose new ones. You may change any number of the targets, including all of them or none of them. If, for one of the targets, you can’t choose a new legal target, then it remains unchanged (even if the current target is illegal). (2013-01-24)
  • If the ability is modal (that is, it says “Choose one —” or the like), the copy will have the same mode. You can’t choose a different one. (2013-01-24)
  • If the ability has {X} in its cost, the value of X is copied. (2013-01-24)
  • If the cost of an activated ability requires Illusionist’s Bracers or the equipped creature to be sacrificed, the ability won’t be copied. At the time the ability is considered activated (after all costs are paid), Illusionist’s Bracers is no longer equipped to that creature. (2013-01-24)
  • If Illusionist’s Bracers somehow becomes equipped to a creature an opponent controls, and an activated ability (that isn’t a mana ability) of that creature is activated, you will control the copy of that ability. (2013-01-24)
  • A mana ability is an ability that (1) isn’t a loyalty ability, (2) doesn’t target, and (3) could put mana into a player’s mana pool when it resolves. (2013-04-15)