Saetta del Faro {1}{U}{R}


La Saetta del Faro infligge a una creatura bersaglio danno pari al numero totale di carte istantaneo e stregoneria che possiedi in esilio e nel tuo cimitero.

Carica d'avvio (Puoi lanciare questa carta dal tuo cimitero scartando una carta oltre a pagare i suoi altri costi. Poi esilia questa carta.)

Watermark: Izzet

Illustrated by Titus Lunter

Duel Cmdr.
Notes and Rules Information for Saetta del Faro:
  • Only the English version of a Magic card receives Oracle updates and errata. View this card in English. (Scryfall note)
  • Beacon Bolt is still on the stack while you count your instant and sorcery cards in your graveyard and in exile. It doesn’t count itself. (2018-10-05)
  • If any exiled cards you own are face down, they have no characteristics. If they’re normally instants or sorceries, they won’t be counted. (2018-10-05)
  • You must still follow any timing restrictions and permissions, including those based on the card’s type. For instance, you can cast a sorcery using jump-start only when you could normally cast a sorcery. (2018-10-05)
  • A spell cast using jump-start will always be exiled afterward, whether it resolves, it’s countered, or it leaves the stack in some other way. (2018-10-05)
  • If an effect allows you to pay an alternative cost rather than a spell’s mana cost, you may pay that alternative cost when you jump-start a spell. You’ll still discard a card as an additional cost to cast it. (2018-10-05)
  • If a card with jump-start is put into your graveyard during your turn, you’ll be able to cast it right away if it’s legal to do so, before an opponent can take any actions. (2018-10-05)