Retether {3}{W}


Return each Aura card from your graveyard to the battlefield. Only creatures can be enchanted this way. (Aura cards that can’t enchant a creature on the battlefield remain in your graveyard.)

The rifts reach into infinite time streams, bringing the divergent products of alternate pasts into the present.

Illustrated by Dan Scott

Duel Cmdr.
Notes and Rules Information for Retether:
  • All the Auras return to the battlefield simultaneously. Whether an Aura can be attached to a creature is checked before any of them are returned and doesn’t take into account any simultaneously returning Auras. For example, if Tattoo Ward (which gives enchanted creature protection from enchantments) and Holy Strength are in your graveyard and there’s only one creature on the battlefield, both Auras are returned to the battlefield attached to that creature, then Holy Strength is put into your graveyard the next time state-based actions are checked. (2007-02-01)
  • Auras don’t need to say “enchant creature” to return to the battlefield. For example, an Aura with “enchant land” will return to the battlefield if there’s an animated land for it to enchant. (2007-02-01)