Glittering Frost (Kaldheim #171)

Сверкающий Мороз {2}{G}

Снежные Чары — Аура

Зачаровать землю

Зачарованная земля является снежной.

Каждый раз, когда зачарованная земля поворачивается для получения маны, контролирующий ее игрок добавляет одну дополнительную ману любого цвета.

Наконец ярость бури утихла, оставив после себя безмолвную ледяную красоту.

Illustrated by Lucas Graciano

Notes and Rules Information for Сверкающий Мороз:
  • Only the English version of a Magic card receives Oracle updates and errata. View this card in English. (Scryfall note)
  • The enchanted land will retain any other supertypes it may have, such as basic or legendary. It will also retain any subtypes it may have, such as Forest or Island. (2021-02-05)
  • Snow is a supertype, not a card type. It has no rules meaning or function by itself, but spells and abilities may refer to it. (2021-02-05)
  • The {S} symbol is a generic mana symbol. It represents a cost that can be paid by one mana that was produced by a snow source. That mana can be any color or colorless. (2021-02-05)
  • Snow isn’t a type of mana. If an effect says you may spend mana as though it were any type, you can’t pay for {S} using mana that wasn’t produced by a snow source. (2021-02-05)
  • Some cards have additional effects for each {S} spent to cast them. You can cast these spells even if you don’t spend any snow mana to cast them; their additional effects simply won’t do anything. (2021-02-05)
  • The Kaldheim set doesn’t have any cards with mana costs that include {S}, but some previous sets do. If an effect says such a spell costs {1} less to cast, that reduction doesn’t apply to any {S} costs. This is also true for activated abilities that include {S} in their activation costs and effects that reduce those costs. (2021-02-05)