Gisela, a Lâmina Partida {2}{W}{W}

Criatura Lendária — Anjo Horror

Voar, iniciativa, vínculo com a vida

No início de sua etapa final, se você for o dono e controlar Gisela, a Lâmina Partida, e uma criatura com o nome Bruna, a Luz Desvanecente, exile-as e, em seguida, funda-as em Brisela, Voz dos Pesadelos.

Agora, ela ouve apenas os murmúrios de Emrakul.


Illustrated by Clint Cearley

Notes and Rules Information for Gisela, a Lâmina Partida:
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  • In a Commander game, your commander may be Bruna, the Fading Light or Gisela, the Broken Blade, and the other may be in your deck. If they meld into Brisela, Voice of Nightmares, Brisela will also be your commander; but if Brisela leaves the battlefield, only the card chosen as your commander at the start of the game may be put into the command zone. (2016-07-13)
  • Effects that increase or reduce the cost to cast a spell (such as those of escalate and emerge) don’t affect the spell’s converted mana cost, so they won’t change whether Brisela’s last ability restricts that spell from being cast. (2016-07-13)
  • For spells with {X} in their mana costs, use the value chosen for X to determine if the spell’s converted mana cost is 3 or less. For example, your opponent could cast Burn from Within (a spell with mana cost {X}{R}) with X equal to 3, but not with X equal to 2. (2016-07-13)
  • For more information on meld cards, see the Eldritch Moon mechanics article (…). (2016-07-13)