Brasolâmina {4}{R}{R}

Artefato Lendário — Equipamento


Esta mágica custa {1} a menos para ser conjurada para cada criatura atacante que você controla.

Quando Brasolâmina entrar no campo de batalha, anexe-a à criatura alvo que você controla.

A criatura equipada recebe +1/+1 e tem golpe duplo e atropelar.

Equipar {3}

Illustrated by Joe Slucher

Notes and Rules Information for Brasolâmina:
  • Only the English version of a Magic card receives Oracle updates and errata. View this card in English. (Scryfall note)
  • If you cast Embercleave outside of your combat phase, its cost won’t be reduced. (2019-10-04)
  • If there are no creatures to attach Embercleave to when it enters the battlefield, it simply remains unattached. (2019-10-04)
  • If an attacking creature with double strike and trample destroys all of its blocking creatures with first-strike combat damage, all of its normal combat damage is assigned to the player or planeswalker that creature’s attacking. (2019-10-04)
  • To determine the total cost of a spell, start with the mana cost or alternative cost you’re paying, add any cost increases, then apply any cost reductions. The converted mana cost of the spell remains unchanged, no matter what the total cost to cast it was. (2019-10-04)
  • The cost reduction ability reduces only the generic mana in the relic’s cost. The colored mana must still be paid. (2019-10-04)
  • Once you announce that you’re casting a spell, no player may take actions until the spell has been paid for. Notably, opponents can’t try to change by how much a relic’s cost is reduced. (2019-10-04)