Miriarca Majestosa {4}{G}

Criatura — Quimera

O poder e a resistência de Miriarca Majestosa são ambos iguais ao dobro do número de criaturas que você controla.

No início de cada combate, Miriarca Majestosa ganha voar até o final do turno se você controla uma criatura com voar. O mesmo vale para iniciativa, golpe duplo, toque mortífero, ímpeto, resistência a magia, indestrutível, vínculo com a vida, ameaçar, alcance, atropelar e vigilância.


Illustrated by Randy Vargas

Notes and Rules Information for Miriarca Majestosa:
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  • Majestic Myriarch’s first ability applies in all zones. While it’s on the battlefield, it counts itself, so it’ll be at least 2/2. (2017-07-14)
  • Majestic Myriarch’s second ability triggers at the beginning of each combat, not just combat on your turn, whether or not any creatures you control have any of the listed abilities. (2017-07-14)
  • Which abilities Majestic Myriarch gains is determined as the ability resolves. They won’t change even if every other creature that has the abilities leaves the battlefield or if creatures enter the battlefield or gain abilities. (2017-07-14)
  • If a creature gains one of the listed abilities before Majestic Mryiarch’s triggered ability resolves, perhaps due to another ability that triggered at the beginning of combat, Majestic Myriarch will gain that ability. (2017-07-14)
  • Multiple instances of any of the abilities Majestic Myriarch can gain are redundant. (2017-07-14)