Urza, Prince of Kroog (The Brothers' War #296)

Urza, prince de Kroog {2}{W}{U}

Créature légendaire : humain et artificier

Les créatures-artefacts que vous contrôlez gagnent +2/+2.

{6} : Créez un jeton qui est une copie d'un artefact ciblé que vous contrôlez, excepté que c'est une créature 1/1 Soldat en plus de ses autres types.

« Dans le fond, Urza était un inventeur, pas un seigneur de guerre. Avec le temps, le poids de la responsabilité finit par le rendre aussi froid et calculateur que ses créations mécaniques. »
La Guerre des Antiquités


Illustrated by Cosmin Podar

Notes and Rules Information for Urza, prince de Kroog:
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  • For Urza, Prince of Kroog's activated ability, the token copies exactly what was printed on the original permanent, with the listed exceptions, and nothing else (unless that permanent is copying something else or is a token; see below). It doesn't copy whether that permanent is tapped or untapped, whether it has any counters on it or Auras and Equipment attached to it, or any non-copy effects that have changed its power, toughness, types, color, or so on. (2022-10-14)
  • The token is a Soldier creature in addition to its other types. Its base power and toughness is 1/1. These are the copiable values of the token's characteristics that other effects may copy. (2022-10-14)
  • If the copied permanent has {X} in its mana cost, X is considered to be 0. (2022-10-14)
  • If the copied permanent is copying something else, then the token enters the battlefield as whatever that permanent copied, with the listed exceptions. (2022-10-14)
  • If the copied permanent is a token, the token created with Urza copies the original characteristics of that token as stated by the effect that created that token, with the listed exceptions. (2022-10-14)