Омнат, Очаг Ярости {3}{R}{R}{G}{G}

Легендарное Существо — Элементаль

Землепад — Каждый раз, когда земля выходит на поле битвы под вашим контролем, создайте одну фишку существа 5/5 красный и зеленый Элементаль.

Каждый раз, когда Омнат, Очаг Ярости или другой Элементаль под вашим контролем умирает, Омнат наносит 3 повреждения любой цели.


Illustrated by Brad Rigney

Notes and Rules Information for Омнат, Очаг Ярости:
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  • If Omnath dies at the same time as any other Elementals you control, Omnath’s last ability will trigger for each of them (and once for itself). (2015-08-25)
  • Omanth doesn’t have the land type Locus. (2015-08-25)
  • A landfall ability triggers whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control for any reason. It triggers whenever you play a land, as well as whenever a spell or ability puts a land onto the battlefield under your control. (2015-08-25)
  • When a land enters the battlefield under your control, each landfall ability of the permanents you control will trigger. You can put them on the stack in any order. The last ability you put on the stack will be the first one to resolve. (2015-08-25)
  • If the ability has an additional or replacement effect that depends on the land having a certain basic land type, the ability will check that land’s type as the ability resolves. If, at that time, the land that entered the battlefield is no longer on the battlefield, use its types when it left the battlefield to determine what happens. (2015-08-25)