Kobolds of Kher Keep (Dominaria United Tokens #13)

Kobolds of Kher Keep

Token Creature — Kobold


Illustrated by Paolo Parente

Token Tokens are gameplay markers and not used in deck construction.

Faces, Tokens, & Other Parts
Kobolds of Kher Keep Token, TDMU #13
Kher Keep, MOC #411
Prossh, Skyraider of Kher, PLIST #876
Rosnakht, Heir of Rohgahh, DMC #75
Rohgahh, Kher Keep Overlord, DMC #63
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Phyrexia: All Will Be One Commander Tokens
Dominaria United Tokens
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Dominaria United series of 26 tokens

Dominaria United comes with two sets of tokens: a series of 26 bearing either DMU or DMC set codes, and a separate series of 12 tokens with exclusively the DMC set code. We don't know why they did things this way. We've opted to file the entire series of 26 here regardless of set code to avoid archival conflicts.
Notes and Rules Information for Kobolds of Kher Keep: