Оболочка Клона {5}

Артефактное Существо — Имитатор

Отпечаток — Когда Оболочка Клона выходит на поле битвы, посмотрите четыре верхние карты вашей библиотеки, изгоните одну рубашкой вверх, затем положите остальные карты в низ вашей библиотеки в любом порядке.

Когда Оболочка Клона попадает с поля битвы на кладбище, переверните изгнанную карту рубашкой вниз. Если это карта существа, положите ее на поле битвы под вашим контролем.


Watermark: Mirran

Illustrated by Volkan Baǵa

Notes and Rules Information for Оболочка Клона:
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  • If you have fewer than four cards in your library as Clone Shell’s first ability resolves, you’ll look at all of them. (2011-01-01)
  • As Clone Shell’s first ability resolves, you must exile one of the cards you look at, even if none of them is a creature card. (2011-01-01)
  • As Clone Shell’s second ability resolves, if the exiled card is not a creature card, it simply remains in exile face up. (2011-01-01)
  • If you gain control of another player’s Clone Shell, you won’t be able to look at the face-down exiled card. However, if Clone Shell is put into a graveyard, you will turn that card face up as the ability resolves and, if it’s a creature card, you will put it onto the battlefield under your control (even if you don’t want to). (2011-01-01)