Ritmo de los salvajes {1}{R}{G}


Los hechizos de criatura que controlas no pueden ser contrarrestados.

Las criaturas que no sean fichas que controlas tienen la habilidad de insurgencia. (Entran al campo de batalla con lo que elijas: un contador +1/+1 o la habilidad de prisa.)

Algunos ven el sorprendente ascenso de Domri como una señal del regreso inminente de Ilharg, el Jabalí Arrasador.

Watermark: Gruul

Illustrated by Tomasz Jedruszek

Notes and Rules Information for Ritmo de los salvajes:
  • Only the English version of a Magic card receives Oracle updates and errata. View this card in English. (Scryfall note)
  • A spell or ability that counters spells can still target a creature spell you control. When that spell or ability resolves, the creature spell won’t be countered, but any additional effects of that spell or ability will still happen. (2019-01-25)
  • Once a creature with riot has entered the battlefield, it keeps its +1/+1 counter or haste even if it loses riot. (2019-01-25)
  • If a nontoken, noncreature permanent becomes a creature after it’s already on the battlefield, it will have riot but it will be too late for the replacement effect to have any effect. (2019-01-25)
  • A noncreature card that happens to be entering the battlefield as a creature will have riot (for example, Rusted Relic while you control three other artifacts). Similarly, a creature card entering the battlefield as a noncreature permanent won’t have riot (for example, Thassa, God of the Sea while your other permanents contribute only four to your devotion to blue). (2019-01-25)
  • Riot is a replacement effect. Players can’t respond to your choice of +1/+1 counter or haste, and they can’t take actions while the creature is on the battlefield without one or the other. (2019-01-25)
  • If a creature entering the battlefield has riot but can’t have a +1/+1 counter put onto it, it gains haste. (2019-01-25)
  • If you choose for the creature to gain haste, it gains haste indefinitely. It won’t lose it as the turn ends or as another player gains control of it. (2019-01-25)
  • If a creature enters the battlefield with two instances of riot, you may choose to have it get two +1/+1 counters, one +1/+1 counter and haste, or two instances of haste. Multiple instances of haste on the same creature are redundant, but we’re not going to tell the Gruul how to live their lives. (2019-01-25)