Circle of Protection: Green (Pro Tour Collector Set #bl16sb)
1996 Pro Tour Decks

Circle of Protection: Green {1}{W}


{1}: The next time a green source of your choice would deal damage to you this turn, prevent that damage.

Illustrated by Sandra Everingham

Not Legal This version of this card has gold borders and a non-standard Magic back. It is not legal for constructed play.

Notes and Rules Information for Circle of Protection: Green:
  • A source of damage is a permanent, a spell on the stack (including one that creates a permanent), or any object referred to by an object on the stack. A source doesn’t need to be capable of dealing damage to be a legal choice. (2004-10-04)
  • Can be used even when there is no damage to prevent. It prevents the next damage (if any) from the source this turn. (2004-10-04)