Dermotáxi {2}

Artefato — Veículo

Estampar — Conforme Dermotáxi entrar no campo de batalha, exile um card de criatura de um cemitério.

Vire duas criaturas desviradas que você controla: Até o final do turno, Dermotáxi torna-se uma cópia do card exilado, com a exceção de ser um artefato Veículo além de seus outros tipos.


Illustrated by Mark Zug

Notes and Rules Information for Dermotáxi:
  • Only the English version of a Magic card receives Oracle updates and errata. View this card in English. (Scryfall note)
  • The choice of what card is exiled is a replacement effect, not a triggered ability. Players can’t respond to the card being exiled. (2021-06-18)
  • The imprint ability is linked to the activated ability that makes Dermotaxi a creature. This means that the second ability refers only to the card exiled by the first, even if it becomes a copy of something that later exiles other cards. (2021-06-18)
  • If you activate the ability, but there’s no exiled card to reference (perhaps because there wasn’t one in any graveyard to imprint), the ability does nothing. Dermotaxi won’t become a copy of anything. (2021-06-18)
  • Dermotaxi does not have a crew ability. Activating the ability to have it become a copy of the exiled card doesn’t count as crewing a Vehicle. If a creature you tap to activate the ability has a triggered ability that triggers whenever it crews a Vehicle (such as that of Gearshift Ace), that ability won’t trigger. (2021-06-18)