Grausames Ultimatum {U}{U}{B}{B}{B}{R}{R}


Ein Gegner deiner Wahl opfert eine Kreatur, wirft drei Karten aus seiner Hand ab und verliert dann 5 Lebenspunkte. Du bringst eine Kreaturenkarte aus deinem Friedhof auf deine Hand zurück, ziehst drei Karten und erhältst dann 5 Lebenspunkte dazu.

Es gibt immer eine größere Macht.

Illustrated by Ralph Horsley

Duel Cmdr.
Notes and Rules Information for Grausames Ultimatum:
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  • Cruel Ultimatum’s only target is an opponent. You don’t choose which creature card in your graveyard you’ll return to your hand until Cruel Ultimatum resolves. (2017-03-14)
  • All of the actions for Cruel Ultimatum are performed sequentially, in the order listed. Earlier actions may affect how you perform later actions. For example, if the opponent sacrifices a creature that they control but you own, it will end up in your graveyard. When Cruel Ultimatum lets you return a creature card from your graveyard to your hand, you can choose that one. (2017-03-14)
  • If, as Cruel Ultimatum begins to resolve, your opponent’s life total is 5 or less and you have two or fewer cards in your library, the game will result in a draw. Your opponent’s life total will drop to 0 or less, but Cruel Ultimatum must finish resolving completely before state-based actions are performed. You’ll then be forced to draw three cards and fail to draw one. When state-based actions are finally performed, you and your opponent will both lose the game at the same time, which means the game is a draw. (2017-03-14)