Expropriate {7}{U}{U}


Council’s dilemma — Starting with you, each player votes for time or money. For each time vote, take an extra turn after this one. For each money vote, choose a permanent owned by the voter and gain control of it. Exile Expropriate.

Few things are more valuable than time or money—and Leovold has plenty of both.

Illustrated by Zack Stella

Notes and Rules Information for Expropriate:
  • Expropriate doesn’t target any of the permanents you gain control of. You could choose a permanent with hexproof, for example. (Hey, money talks.) (2016-08-23)
  • You can vote money to gain control of a permanent you own, no matter who controls it. (2016-08-23)
  • Unlike the will of the council cards from the original Conspiracy set, where a majority of votes determined what happened, each vote made for a council’s dilemma card adds to the ultimate effect. (2016-08-23)
  • The effects of each council’s dilemma ability happen in the stated order. First the vote occurs, then the first effect, and finally the second effect. (2016-08-23)
  • Because the votes are made in turn order, each player will know the votes of players who voted beforehand. (2016-08-23)
  • You must vote for one of the available options. You can’t abstain. (2016-08-23)
  • If a creature with an enters-the-battlefield council’s dilemma ability leaves the battlefield before that ability resolves, players can still vote for any option that would put +1/+1 counters on that creature, even though—or perhaps especially because—those votes won’t generate an effect. (2016-08-23)
  • No player votes until the spell or ability resolves. Any responses to that spell or ability must be made without knowing the outcome of the vote. (2016-08-23)
  • Players can’t do anything between voting and finishing the resolution of the spell or ability that included the vote. (2016-08-23)