Sly Instigator (Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate #736)

Gerissener Anstifter {3}{U}

Kreatur — Mensch, Zauberer

{U}, {T}: Bis zu deinem nächsten Zug kann eine Kreatur deiner Wahl, die ein Gegner kontrolliert, nicht geblockt werden. Stachle die Kreatur an. (Bis zu deinem nächsten Zug greift die Kreatur in jedem Kampf an, falls möglich, und greift einen anderen Spieler als dich an, falls möglich.)

„Ich? Ich bin nur ein unschuldiger Zuschauer!“


Illustrated by Justine Cruz

Notes and Rules Information for Gerissener Anstifter:
  • Only the English version of a Magic card receives Oracle updates and errata. View this card in English. (Scryfall note)
  • Once a creature an opponent controls has been legally blocked, activating Sly Instigator's ability won't change or undo that block. (2021-04-16)
  • If a goaded creature can't attack for any reason (such as being tapped or having come under that player's control that turn), then it doesn't attack. If there's a cost associated with having it attack, its controller isn't forced to pay that cost, so it doesn't have to attack in that case either. (2021-04-16)
  • If a goaded creature doesn't meet any of the above exceptions and can attack, it must attack a player other than a player who goaded it if able. It the creature can't attack any of those players but could otherwise attack, it must attack an opposing planeswalker (controlled by any opponent) or a player who goaded it. (2021-04-16)
  • Attacking with a goaded creature doesn't cause it to stop being goaded. (2021-04-16)
  • Being goaded more than once by the same player is redundant. (2021-04-16)
  • If you goad a creature you control, it must attack, and it must attack a player rather than a planeswalker. (2021-04-16)
  • If a creature you control has been goaded by multiple opponents, it must attack one of your opponents who hasn't goaded it. If a creature you control has been goaded by each of your opponents, you choose which opponent it attacks. (2021-04-16)
  • If you leave the game, any creatures you've goaded remain goaded until your next turn would have begun. They don't immediately stop being goaded and don't remain goaded indefinitely. (2021-04-16)