Mutation de sombracier {1}{W}

Enchantement : aura

Enchanter : créature

La créature enchantée est une créature-artefact Insecte avec une force et une endurance de base de 0/1 et elle a l'indestructible. Elle perd toutes ses autres capacités, ses types de carte et types de créature.

Infiniment impuissante.

Illustrated by Daniel Ljunggren

Notes and Rules Information for Mutation de sombracier:
  • Only the English version of a Magic card receives Oracle updates and errata. View this card in English. (Scryfall note)
  • Darksteel Mutation overwrites the printed power and toughness of the enchanted creature, as well as any characteristic-defining abilities that define power and/or toughness. (2013-10-17)
  • Darksteel Mutation overwrites any previous effects that set the enchanted creature’s power or toughness to a specific value. Any such effects that start to apply after Darksteel Mutation entered the battlefield will work normally. (2013-10-17)
  • However, Darksteel Mutation does not overwrite effects that change the enchanted creature’s power or toughness without setting it to a specific value (such as the ones created by Giant Growth or Glorious Anthem). It also won’t overwrite the effect of counters. (2013-10-17)
  • The enchanted creature will be only an artifact and a creature, not any other card types. It will be only an Insect, not any other creature types. (2013-10-17)
  • In some rare cases, the creature may have subtypes other than creature types before becoming enchanted with Darksteel Mutation. If it had any other artifact subtypes (such as Equipment), it will retain those. If it had any subtypes other than artifact types and creature types (such as Shrine), it won’t retain those. (2013-10-17)
  • The creature will keep any supertypes it previously had. Notably, if Darksteel Mutation is enchanting a legendary creature, that creature will continue to be legendary. Also, if it’s enchanting a commander, that creature will continue to be a commander. (2013-10-17)
  • Darksteel Mutation doesn’t affect the enchanted creature’s colors, if any. It will continue to be whatever color or colors it was before Darksteel Mutation entered the battlefield. (2013-10-17)
  • Darksteel Mutation causes the enchanted creature to lose all abilities except indestructible at the time it becomes enchanted. Any abilities the creature gains after that point will work normally. (2013-10-17)