Nascent Metamorph (Commander 2020 #36)

Metamorfo Nascente {1}{U}

Creatura — Polimorfo

Ogniqualvolta il Metamorfo Nascente attacca o blocca, un avversario bersaglio rivela carte dalla cima del suo grimorio finché non rivela una carta creatura. Il Metamorfo Nascente diventa una copia di quella carta fino alla fine del turno. Poi quel giocatore mette tutte le carte rivelate in questo modo in fondo al suo grimorio in ordine casuale.


Illustrated by Brian Valeza

Notes and Rules Information for Metamorfo Nascente:
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  • The creature card that Nascent Metamorph becomes a copy of is put onto the bottom of the library along with any other cards. (2020-04-17)
  • If the target opponent has no creature cards in their library, Nascent Metamorph doesn’t become a copy of anything. The cards are returned to that library in a random order. (2020-04-17)
  • If another permanent becomes a copy of Nascent Metamorph, it will become whatever Nascent Metamorph is copying. It remains a copy when Nascent Metamorph’s effect ends. (2020-04-17)
  • If an effect begins to apply to Nascent Metamorph before it becomes a copy, that effect will continue to apply. (2020-04-17)
  • If Nascent Metamorph becomes a copy of a legendary card with the same name as a legendary permanent you control, you’ll put one of them into its owner’s graveyard. (2020-04-17)
  • If Nascent Metamorph becomes a copy of an object with a set of linked abilities (for example, one ability that exiles a card and another that refers to the card “exiled with” the object), that link only lasts as long as Nascent Metamorph is copying that object. If it stops being a copy of that object and then becomes a copy again later, the link is lost. (2020-04-17)